GTKSetPWC : a GUI for setpwc


gtk-setpwc is a GTK2 frontend (written in perl) for the setpwc CLI software used to configure various options on webcam using pwc driver

i made it because i think setpwc is very obscure to use, getting value, setting value, testing value is really unterminable, and also because i didn't wan't to remember all setpwc switches, as i was'nt using it often

The other interest in coding this software was learning perl (i just made some little scripts) and GTK2-perl

Please keep in mind, that it's a pre-alpha release, tested only on my machines (AMD64 and centrino under gentoo linux) and only with setpwc 0.9 and 1.1. Fortunately, it shouldn't hurt your hardware as setpwc is stable software


Thumbnail image of a gtksetpwc screenshot in e17 Window Manager

Of course, you want to see a screenshot

For your information :

  • gtksetpwc version is 0.2
  • GTK theme is E17-GTK
  • Window manager is e17 with default theme

Old screenshots :

0.2 0.1



This software is free

In order to be conform with french right, i decided to release this software under CeCILL, but don't worry, this licence is compatible with GPL


Please, make sure you agree with CeCILL licence (EN, FR) before downloading and executing this software


It doesn't work
Make sure you have GTK2-Perl installed, ask your package-manager (apt, yum, urpm, emerge, etc ...)
Of course, it's only a frontend, it requires setpwc (see links)
Contact me and explain me what you have done and what your system returns


Here are some usefull links about the pwc driver


If, for any reason, you would like to contact me, here are some ways, in preference order :

Special thanks

First, i would like to thank YOU, for using my software, read this page entierly, and i hope, help me to debug it

I also would like to thank Folkert van Heusden for adding a link to this page on on the setpwc website on 2006-01-01, and of course, for developping setpwc, i hope this will help me to found new beta-testers, coming with new ideas, and help me to improve gtksetpwc